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About Deadlyscape
read here for information about deadlyscape
deadlyscape announcesments such as new updates
Deadlyscape Price Guide
this is the deadlyscape price guide
deadlyscape help!
ask your deadlyscape questions here
put what you hate/dislike about deadlyscape REMEMBER NO RACISM!
put your suggested updates here and we can all think together and put them on the official deadlyscape forums!
Deadlyscape Skill Guides!
skill guides to help you get through deadlyscape!
post your deadlyscape screen shots here. NO OTHER THINGS EXCEPTABLE HERE
deadlyscape clans here (your welcome to make what ever type of clan you want)
ban list
people who have been banned off deadlyscape
have a question about deadlyscape or something relating to it? ask it here!
teh uber yet random deadlyscape polls
put your goals and achievements on deadlyscape here!!!
deadlyscape memories!
post your favorite deadlyscape memories here! remember to follow the rules when u post it here!
The famous spam section! post what isn't exceptable in other spots! remember be careful what you post!
things locked because of breaking rules.
Report Abuse
report deadlyscape fan forum abuse or rule breakers! notice this is not for the real deadlyscape forums or deadlyscape's server
chat box
this is a chat box.. (can't add it just post stuff to talk about people) this is basically another spam but you can have convo's on it
post your funny jokes here!!!!! (d0 n0t post stuff that is racist or can be seen racist to other people)
Youtube posts
post your youtube uploads and other things about youtube here!
Favorite songs and bands!
put your favorite songs and bands here!
Resident evil 4
resident evil 4 discussion along with the other resident evil games! discuss other stuff here like silent hill!
forum discussion!
post things here u'd like to see changed in my forum and the things you hate about it! and i'll try to change it!
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